Tune Into Season 2 of LITE It Up!

Season 2 of LITE It Up (Lead. Inspire. Transform. Empower.) returns on Tuesday, January 19, 2021. LITE It Up is a weekly podcast that podcast that explores the resiliency of black women who are on a journey of a lifetime. LITE It Up was launched as an extension of my best selling book, Women Who Persevere: Navigating Motherhood with Power and Grace.

As women, we are constantly striving to balance motherhood, our careers, our personal lives and all of the challenges that come along with being “Super Woman”. While we make the job look easy—it’s really hard work! It’s also twice as hard if you’re single mom! LITE It Up is designed to promote leadership; inspire you to achieve your goals; transform your mindset; and empower you to take action.

The guest line up for this season includes several women who are leaders in their respective fields. I believe you will find the topics enlightening and engaging. As women, we are often pulled into so many different directions that we forget to focus on ourselves. This year, I am committed to helping you to get out of your own way; take action to create the life you deserve; and feel good while doing it!

Join me every Tuesday for a new episode of LITE It Up! Episodes are released at 7AM. LITE It Up is available on all podcast platforms including Apple Podcasts and Spotify. If you would like to view an episode, subscribe to the YouTube Channel. You can also subscribe to the podcast to receive a notification each time a new episode is available. Make sure you leave a review and share the podcast with your friends and family.

I can't wait for you to hear the luminous gems that will be shared each week!

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