I am a divorced mother of 15 year-old twins and a 12 year-old.  I view motherhood as one of my most important roles.  Before I became a mother, I was a goal driven woman who aspired to succeed in every aspect of my life.  I viewed education as the catalyst to achieve success.  I earned a Bachelor of Arts in Criminal Justice (at the age of 20) and a Master of Arts in Education, Leadership and Administration from the University of Illinois at Chicago.  After earning my master's degree, I completed one year of law school at John Marshall; but decided to put law school on hold.  I later earned a Doctorate of Philosophy in Organizational Leadership from The Chicago School of Professional Psychology.

In addition to being a mother and achieving my academic goals, I am a results-oriented and dedicated professional with over 15 years of experience providing direct and consultative service across the broad spectrum of the public sector in the areas of law enforcement, finance, organizational change, K-12 and higher education.  I worked for the Cook County Sheriff's Department, Chicago Public Schools and South Suburban Community College.  I am entering my sixth year as a higher education administrator at the University of Illinois at Chicago.

Throughout my career, I have been committed to helping women establish strategies for achieving their personal and professional goals.  My mission is to help women as emerging leaders, reach their professional and personal potential.  I also help organizations maximize the potential of their human capital through one-on-one coaching and leadership development initiatives. 

Respected for my ability to achieve measurable business results, I possess a unique understanding of relational leadership specifically as it relates to the intersection of gender and generational differences; which has been a focal point of my research interest.  Passionate about the role of women in academia and organizational institutions, my dissertation, “Am I My Sister’s Keeper?  A Phenomenological Study Exploring 'Sisterhood' and Its Influence in the Mentoring Experiences of Black Women”, is an exemplary model for women to learn the art of pursuing and sustaining authentic mentoring experiences.  As I continue to pursue research about women in leadership, I am the co-investigator of “In the Margins of the Margins: African American Undergraduate Women & Leadership”.  This study sheds light on the inequalities that exist for undergraduate African American women, seeking leadership roles within student organizations at a public research institution.  

My research interest about women in leadership has resulted in opportunities to present at several conferences, residencies, and workshops.  I have also appeared as an expert contributor and guest host on various national and international television and radio programs.  As always, I am available for speaking engagements or to facilitate leadership trainings. 

I am committed to empowering women.  My commitment to empower women has sparked my desire to write about issues that are important to working mothers.  I am embarking upon a new journey through the penning of a self-help book for single mothers who are striving for excellence, both personally and professionally.  

I look forward to sharing more with you.  Follow me on Twitter @DrAginahM or email me at draginah@aginahmuhammad.com.

Let's work together to Lead. Inspire. Transform. Empower.

 ~ Dr. Aginah M. Muhammad


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